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How To Vlog your Fitness Journey

If you’ve been following Paul’s amazing body transformation journey I expect you’ll have watched some of his videos. I’ve worked with Paul over the past 3 months to document his incredible journey, which has been a lot of fun.

This blog looks at some tips for anyone that wants to vlog their own fitness journey. It’s a great way to document your progress, hold yourself to account so you stick to your routine and inspire others.

1. Show Your Progress

It’s easy to be skeptical about simple before and after photos but you can’t argue with the live action version of events. Each video shows a comparison to when Paul first began his fitness journey but we also hear about how Paul is feeling mentally so we can gauge a difference. It’s not just about looking buff, it’s about feeling great too.

[GIF - BetterCallPaulTransformation]

TIP: Using short clips, GIFs and stills from your videos are great tools to help promote your content even more.

2. Show The Ups And The Downs

The course required dedication on Paul’s part. He talks about both the ups and downs in the vlog. It makes his story very real and anyone watching will realise the dedication needed to do the course. It’s also a good way to vent feelings when you’re finding things difficult. In future, you can look back on this and see how far you’ve come and it’s more interesting to the viewer to see that it’s not all plain sailing.

Some weeks were really difficult, such as the first week when Paul is weaning himself off a higher sugar diet or training around a rotator cuff injury. Luckily, we can see him bounce back later and that these challenges (and therefore challenges that anyone might face) can be overcome.

3. Answer Questions

Paul is the local representative of a fairly new course so there is an element of education about this within the vlog. We start off with episode 1 and asking What Is The Amazing 12?

Over time, Paul answers other questions, such as What Is The Nutrition On The Amazing 12 Like? This addresses a common concern that people have about such courses. They want to know that the course is healthy and Paul answers the question by actually showing what he eats that day.

Later he answers questions What Is a Cheat Day? and What Is a Rest Day? Answering common questions is helpful and makes your vlog interesting to viewers.

4. Prepare To Let Your Personality Shine Through!

Look at this cheeky fella!

Paul used his vlog to show off his personality and enthusiasm for his industry. To allow yourself to relax and be yourself it really does help to be well prepared. Think about the main points you want to get across in your vlog and practise some run throughs. That way, when you record you can relax and be yourself rather than stressing about remembering what you want to say or just drawing a blank.

Video conveys loads of information in just a few seconds in a way that a written article cannot do. Think about what you are communicating, not just in your script but the way you say it and through the imagery you use. What do your surroundings say about you?

5. Share Useful Information

Paul discusses his tips throughout the series so even when a client has purchased the course the vlog will be delivering useful information they can use. That might be his top tips for getting the most out of cheat and rest days, feel inspired when they are experiencing a difficult patch or when Paul shows us how to make a healthy smoothie.

What useful information can you share through your vlog?


And now it’s time to see the final vlog… Paul is doing his last pump session and having a photo shoot. Hear what his family have to say and how he found the whole process. Hopefully, this will inspire you to start your own fitness journey!

Are you inspired to start vlogging about your business? Need a coach or producer to help you get started? Or want to talk about how video marketing can work for you? Contact Laura Evans via now to get started.

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