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Yet pain is only the body asking for a change. Change the way you move, re-educate your body and decrease your pain.
Stretching and strengthening has its place, but it needs to be partnered with a focus on the functionality and performance of the body as a whole.
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The greatest evil is physical pain.

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In many cases, low-back, shoulder, neck and leg pain may be a symptom caused by poor movement and dysfunction in other parts of the body. Too much time sitting at a desk or a car etc, hitting the gym after work without properly warming up, lifting your children with weak abdominals and bad form... the list is endless and most of the time we can't pin point the origin of such nigles or indeed acute pain.
What we do know is that ignoring the role played throughout the body, critical strategies may be missed, leaving you caught in a potentially painful and frustrating cycle.
A bit of detective work with a trained eye (I have a diploma in exercise for lower back pain management) can shine a light on areas that need re programming, as simply stretching out your hamstrings may keep the pain at bay but it will keep returning until you change the body’s muscle memory patterns and adjust over compensations throughout the body. Please feel free to contact me for an assesment.
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