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 Being fit at 49 to some may be a natural state but not for everyone. To me It's an amazing feeling to still be able to chase the kids around on the beach and paddle about in the sea without much effort or loss of energy. When I think back to how life was 6 years ago I smile as that's not me now and I'm now proud of what I've achieved. I was Depressed with a tight immobile body with constant back pain, terrible diet and alcohol dependency. When I reached my rock bottom I realised I had to change who I was, shake off the demons and be a better daddy. Facing my fears, changing my lifestyle and learning to love myself literally saved my life. If i had carried on I think a breakdown was just around the corner and the stress I had built up in my life would have killed me for sure. I live the same life with the same if not more stress in my life but now know how to deal with it. After a few months I loved the new me so much I became a PT myself so I could work in an industry where I could help others. If your reading this and want some help in your life give me a shout as we all need a helping hand along the way and I'm in the lifestyle change business, not abs and crazy workouts. I'm here to help you, not break you. 

I endeavour to live a holistic life and know that true health and wellbeing comes from the inside out. I have learned that life flows best when there is balance...maybe that's why I love meditation as much as I love boxing.


my hashtag is #crushthemidlifecrsis and thats exactly what I intend to do!



If you want to know more then please read my blog "how I became a Personal Trainer”

Personal trainer Paul Cowland located in Brighton and Hove with his children
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