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"Brilliant, fun, energising classes & small group sessions, I have loved every minute. Your enthusiasm is infectious - you have made a big difference to my life, so thank you!"


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A year ago I started the New Year stressed with work, lethargic and out of shape. I found little time or motivation to join a gym and sitting at a desk all day was giving me all sorts of lower back pain. I found Paul’s ad in a local magazine and decided enough was enough. I called him up and have never looked back.


Paul’s sessions are fun, challenging and always varied. Whether it’s weights, HIIT or boxing, Paul tailors bespoke sessions every time, its always pre written by him to push me along towards my goal or changed on the spot depending on aches and pains upon arrival. Im glad to say that these are a distant memory now!

The sessions are always exciting and engaging. He encourages us to listen to our bodies and be vocal about any niggles we have. He is always on hand to offer alternative exercises or stretches to focus on certain muscles and effectively overcome any issues.


Whilst my job and the stresses haven’t changed, I have found a way of managing them in a much more positive way. Through Paul’s sessions I am fitter, more energized and fully focused. Exercise and healthy eating are once again at the top of the list. I am stronger with much greater flexibility. The strength training has tackled the localised lower back pain and the weight has dropped off though smarter nutrition. I would recommend Paul’s sessions to anyone

Andy's Story from Paul Cowland Personal Training in Brighton and Hove
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