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How I Became a Personal Trainer

People become Personal Trainers & Health and Fitness Coaches for all sorts of reasons, mine was a total life change. After moving to Brighton and setting up a business, life became hectic, I was going through separation from my wife, becoming a single parent to two small children and working in a stressful job. I was leaning on wine and comfort food a bit too much to deal with the pressure of it all. Things were really getting on top of me and I was very down with low self esteem, moody and depressed.

But one night I decided to run instead of going for the wine - not far, probably half a mile before collapsing in a sweaty heap. Right there and then I had a moment of clarity. If I was to cope with my life and be a good father and role model to my children, I had to change. Carrot juice replaced wine, balanced meals replaced packaged food, and running became my religion. Running allowed me the headspace to see that I had a choice of how to deal with a massive life change: let it drag me down and get wrapped up in the story or rise like a phoenix and embrace an opportunity to become a better me, for myself, my children and those that I hold dear, a no brainer decision really.

Not long after getting to grips with a new lifestyle, I was running through the park when I saw a personal trainer working out a client and thought “That could be me,I could do that”. So thats exactly what I did. I trained with a Personal Trainer myself for a few months to get into shape and totally loved the experience and was inspired by the energy and passion he had for health and fitness.

When I had gained some confidence, dropped a few pounds and increased my stamina I studied for my Level 2 Diploma in Health and Fitness, then level 3 Diploma in Fitness Instructing and Personal Training. Whilst on these courses my compassion and concern for our ever growing overweight and unhealthy population lead me to sit my Level 4 exam: Certificate in Exercise and Nutritional Interventions for Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes, gaining me the ability to coach clients who suffer with either of these afflictions towards a healthier and more fulfilling life.

So now I'm the PT training someone in the park, coaching them to achieve their fitness goals and empowering them to make small lifestyle changes that will make a huge difference to the quality and enjoyment of their lives.

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